Christian Kieffer Photography

My name is Christian Kieffer from Luxembourg. I always liked photography and practiced it as a hobby.
What I most like is a kind of street photography, black and white. I have traveled to a number of Latin American countries several times like Colombia, Panama, Ecuador, Mexico, Cuba, Costa Rica, Brazil, Belize and the Dominican Republic, more to come.
With photography, I can connect many of my other hobbies, traveling, Latin America, mushrooms, love to the nature and my dog.
Occasionally I take photos of concerts or other events like Beaufort Rock Classics, the Gala des ├ętoiles at Luxembourg national theater and others.
For many years I was using Nikon fullframe cameras. In december 2017 I switched to Fujifilm and now I am using X100F, X-T2and XT-3 y Fuji.
Enjoy my photos and dont hesitate to leave me some comments in luxembourgish, french, german, english or spanish.